Construction and architectural works

  • Excavations
    Preparation of the workarea, trenches, cavities, public services, casings, final earthworks and area structuring
  • Construction works
    Baseplates, deep bases, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, casing systems
  • Carpentry
    Housetops and roof overs
  • Plaster and face coatings
    Frontage and interior plastering, heat insulation plastering, machine plastering
  • Roofings and ceilings
    Eternit, bricks, concrete, shingle, panels, corrugated metal sheets, sandwich panels, plasterboards
  • Floors
    Indoor And Outdoor Floors, Epoxy Resin Coatings And Mortar Floors, Pvc Floors, Carpets
  • Joinery
    Frames, Doors, Gates, Windows And Shading Technology
  • Metalworks
    Fireproof Frames, Doors, Gates, Windows And Shadings, Sheet Covering, Rain Drains
  • Glazing
    Fire Protection And Fireproof
  • Surface treatments
    Paints And Finishes, Wallpapers
  • Heat, water and sound insulation
    Design, Installation, Maintenance

Building electricity

  • Lighting systems
  • Power transmission nets
  • Cables and lines
  • Switches and fittings
  • Lights and lamps
  • Electronic equipment
  • Switchboards and consumption measuring cubicles
  • Other installed equipment
  • Power protection
  • Low- voltage nets
  • Electrician support
Épületvillamossági munkák

Building of industrial closed spaces and clean spaces

Ipari belső tér, tiszta tér
Ipari belső tér, tiszta tér
In case of building industrial closed and clean spaces, our customers can make the best of the cooperation of our business units due to the extreme complexity of these technical tasks.

Our service includes:

  • Designing (architecture, statics, airtechnology, filtration technology, etc.)
  • The necessary own plant production tasks Logistics
  • The building of industrial stages, footings and joints
  • Various on spot technological assembly and building jobs
  • Moving and installation of machinery and facilities
  • Authorization, building and installation of fire alarm systems
  • The supply of several complementary and safety tools
  • Preparation for hygiene audit

Industrial resin and resin mortar surfaces

The best floor quality is guaranteed by excellent quality epoxy resins. Professional implementation strictly keeping the agreed deadlines. Making floorings already up to 6000 m² weekly.

Wide range of construction possibilities as well as in colour and surface making on demand. Flooring systems for all kind of demands in various performances.

Equally fit for horizontal, vertical and outdoor surfaces. It is an optimal and long term protection for the conservation of concrete. On spot assessment, floor investigation, consulting and on demand sample surface making.

Great loadability, wearproof, resistant to chemicals
Antistatic, conductive, sparkless
Ipari epoxi műgyanta padlózat

Audi Hungária Zrt. (Győr)
Flextronics International Ltd (Zalaegerszeg, Sárvár, Nyíregyháza, Zalalövő, Tab)
GE Hungary PLC (Budapest, Nagykanizsa, Ózd, Győr)
Gév Huniber Construction Ltd
Human Pharmaceutical PLC (Gödöllő)
Integral-Hexa PLC (Győr)
KACO Hungary Ltd (Enese)
LEAR Corporation Hungary Ltd (Győr)
Metro Commercial Ltd (Győr)
Nestlé Hungary Ltd (Bük)
Opel Hungary Ltd (Szentgotthárd)
Philips Industries Hungary Ltd (Győr, Szombathely)
Procter & Gamble Hyginett Ltd (Csömör)
Stollwerck Budapest Ltd (Budapest)
Strabag Construction Ltd (Budapest, Győr)
TEVA Pharmaceutical PLC (Debrecen)
Veritas Dunakiliti Ltd (Dunakiliti)
Visteon Alba Plant (Székesfehérvár)
Wolf Plastics Ltd

Making of clean spaces, dust-free spaces

Ideal coating can be achieved with various epoxy resins at the making process of production areas in plants, where dust free or clean space environment are required.

Some of our permanent jobs are the building of clean space footings, spanned footings and dilatations, as a cooperation in the projects of the INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY business unit and as separate task.

Special machine bases

Our company builds special machine bases for industrial facilities (e.g. for presses and forger machines).

Our job is also the appropriate vibration elimination of industrial floors during the building or rebuilding of industrial plants.