The largest business unit of our company is specialized to solve complex technical problems. It includes a permanently cooperative system of professional companies specialized of different technical areas and is always monitoring the market’s needs.
That way we have a qualified, experienced professional company network of the following areas:

  • Installation and relocalization of machines
  • Metal structures, machinery manufacturing and service and maintenance jobs
  • Building engineering and –electricity assembly jobs
  • Industrial tube assembly (water, electricity, gas, air, emulsion)
  • Industrial airtechnological cooling, heating, flow technology designing and assembly jobs
  • Industrial high scale jobs
  • Cleaning of machines, facilities, emulsion systems, danger elimination, environment protection jobs andinvestments, handling and destruction of hazardous wastes

We are able to realize uniquely complex technical projects via the organized cooperation of our business units.

The collaboration garanties the continuous availability of the appropriate experts, tools and leading team –even with a large number of staff- to solve complex tasks or tasks requiring special technical knowledge. Our experts have been working together for a long time and are professionaly well qualified.

Installation of machines and factories

ISOFLUID Ltd undertakes the onsite and offsite relocation, installation and setup of factories, industrial plants, production lines.

These jobs can involve the preparation and realization of building engineering tasks, transport and logistics. Furthermore, the professional dismantling and packing of machines and facilities. The preparation for sea routes and corrosion protection of these machines and facilities are also among the competences of our company.

Ipari szerelés, felújítás, átalakítás

Special redesign and construction of machines, equipment and parts

To optimize their manufacturing processes out Clients regularly requests us to manufacture and install different kinds of machines, equipment and additional parts. Items like these are conveyors, material transport systems, machine parts, cylinders, drives, tools, controllers, forwarders, supply systems.

Renovation of systems and machinery

We carry out partial renovation of industrial facilities, machines, systems as part of their maintenance process, if required. This can affect the control and driving system, the change of certain machine parts or machine tools.

The renovation jobs can be done at the location or if required in our location. We organize the full transport and the reinstallation of the machinery.

Electrical & mechanical maintenance of machinery and facilities

According to their customers’ needs we can manage the mechanical and electrical maintenance of plant machinery and facilities. These jobs are carried out based on permanent or occasional orders and according to the maintenance plan defined by our customers.

The maintained facilities can include the building engineering service units (air supply systems, air conditioners, fridges, dust separators, filters, water- and emulsion systems, electricity systems) as well as machine groups of the production.

Technical installations

We carry out the building engineering designing and assembly jobs of industrial facilities and plants. This involves the building and reconstruction of different water-, electricity, gas, air and emulsion systems, or for example the designing and realization of complete technological heat recovery systems.

  • Water, gas and sewerage.
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of pipe fittings, fire water systems, domestic hot water, solar collector systems, solar collectors.
  • Heating equipment installations.
  • Operation, repair and maintenance of heating pipes, radiators, gas boilers, gas pipelines.
  • Installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Air-conditioning systems, fans, heat exchanger systems, heat pumps, electric heaters, air curtains, repair and maintenance of split-, multi-split-, vrv-climates, liquid-cooled systems, ventilation systems (production and execution of insulated ducts).
  • Design, technical coordination, technical leadership.

Machine and system cleaning and maintenance services

Our company does plant cleaning and maintenance jobs for their own customers and also for customers of other oil companies.

For example: cleaning of machinery, working centers, emulsion supplier- and recirculation systems, tanks, pits and other oil- or water circulation systems and other plant surfaces, oil filtration, machine uploading and change of oil- or emulsion.

Fluid management

Our FLUID business unit is specialized to complete lubrication technological tasks that include professional, logistic, Fluid Management, filtration technological, communication and laboratory activities in lubrication technology.
Our service speciality is due to the independency of any brands and the problemsolving way of thinking, which allows us to provide our expertise to the customers.

Industrial alpinism

One of our speciality the application of industrial highscaling (alpinist) technology. These jobs generally require special preparation, knowledge, practice and tools (e.g. climbing gears, defibrillator).
The highscaling technology is necessary when the technical problem is hardly accessible (e.g. working in the high) or the place is accessible only after costly demolition, or requires other dangerous circumstances (e.g. gas danger, mine, chimnies, maintenance of silos and building faces, respectively, closed places, pits, canals and tube systems, etc.).

Our team has almost 20 specially qualified and experienced industrial highscalers (alpinists).

  • Outdoor painting of facades and plant faces, when there is no possibility for scaffolding or due to financial reasons.
  • Painting of advertisement texts and pictures on facades, chimneys, etc.
  • Interior painting tasks in the high.
  • Outdoor cleaning jobs – facades, windows.
  • Interior cleaning jobs – areas above production machines, cable pans, screwed bolts, venting systems, etc.

All kind of assembly, maintenance, repair and destruction activities, when the technical problem requires work in dangerous circumstances.

References of our Industrial Technologies business unit

  • System cleaning and maintenance jobs, lubricant technology, filtration technology, hardening technology
  • Air-technological assembly jobs
  • Machine- and system cleaning and maintenance jobs,
  • Machine installation and machine assembly jobs,
  • Maintenance jobs on CNC machines,
  • Installation of complete factory units, temporary, onsite machine relocations,
  • Building of fluid loading-draining system of washing area,
  • Building engineering designing and assembly jobs,
  • Designing and realization of complete special technological clean areas (with international audit), Complete air-technological designing and realization
  • Testing of oil steam load
  • Installation of fire alarm systems, electrical assembly
  • Designing and realization of maintenance suspension bridge systems,
  • Building and maintenance of air handling systems,
  • Cleaning and maintenance of air channels

Machinery cleaning andmaintenance jobs, working centers

Machinery cleaning andmaintenance jobs, cutting centers, lathes, drills

Machinery cleaning and maintenance jobs – cutting centers

  • Lubrication technology, filtration technology,
  • Plant technological trials,
  • Cleaning and maintenance jobs- cutting centers, special lobbying and AUTOFILT filtration systems, Supplier and recirculating systems,
  • P. JET washers, central chip-transport system, chip centrifuge,
  • GROB central cutting unit, -supplier and filtration system – approximately 45 000 litres (!)
  • Regular, general production line maintenance
  • Regular periodical maintenance of Sintering furnaces
  • Production and building-in of maintenance and developmental machine units and spare parts
  • Change of heater linings
  • Building of pipeline network of water-sensors
  • Design and production of mobile assembly platforms
  • Building of furnace protection handrail system
  • Alteration of oxygen sampling tube
  • Paralellisation of rotameters
  • Technical monitoring of pumphouse
  • Production and installation of plant complementary handrail system
  • Production and installation of stair passageways
  • Production and installation of mobile stair ramp
  • Junkerwerk Linder Ltd+Co KG (Mosonmagyaróvár)
  • Linamar Hungary PLC (Békéscsaba, Orosháza)
  • Machine cleaning and maintenance jobs at both locations –
  • Cutting working centers

Machine cleaning and maintenance tasks on both sites – Cutting machining centers

  • Complete Fluid Management
  • Machine cleaning jobs, maintenance jobs- working centers – hardening technology
  • Machine- and system cleaning jobs, system control, Fluid
  • Management, Design and installation of emulsion supplier system, Machine and factory installation, factory rebuilding (complete factory units – foundry, forger, press, cutting, buffering, galvanization…), assembly of Kokilla foundry vent systems,
  • Gas-design, assembly of gas system, building of measuring points, authorized pressure probe,
  • Building engineering and machinery design and realization – supplier systems, chip centrifuges, pits, stages
  • Cleaning of production lines, machines, stages,
  • Special highscale (alpin) technological jobs, cleaning, maintenance,
  • Building of highscale (alpin) technology rope-railway,
  • Installation of tube cordons,
  • Highscale window cleaning

Machinery cleaning and maintenance jobs – Punching machines

Building of air ventilation system

  • Machinery cleaning and maintenance jobs,
  • Oil filtration in bypass mode,
  • Maintenance and technical review of production lines,
  • Continous mechanical maintenance – hidraulic presses, engines, cylinder chair,
  • Building of constraint lubrication and flow monitors,
  • Design and building of technological heat recovery system
  • Special highscale technological jobs, cleaning, maintenance,
  • Chemical cleaning of facades and building walls, painting of facades,
  • Disassembly and painting of sheet-edges, formation of its new location and installation

Building of clean places, design and building of air-supplier systems