Digitalization has been shaping the everyday life of production-oriented enterprises a long time now. Its benefits are indisputable: maximum control, quality assurance, decreasing labour costs – just to name a few.

Industry 4.0 elevates the best of digitalization solutions to a whole new level in a way that small investments realize big benefits. Finally here is the time when one can synchronize systems from production controllers to ERP systems, using data from the manufacturing lines to optimize decision-making and action-taking processes on the operative, tactical and strategic levels.

Some examples of I4.0 tools:

  • Data visualization,
  • Softwares to replace administration,
  • Connected manufacturing lines,
  • Collaborative robots in the production,
  • Automatic raw material and finished product managing and moving systems,
  • Information systems encompassing the full supply chain.

Beyond automation and digitalization you can rely on us on unique Industry 4.0-related developments too. We have direct access to some manufacturers exclusive technologies as well.