One of our main business units’ competences lie in automation and robotics design, installation, start-up, training, maintenance and system integration.

Building special purpose machines

  • Automation, Manipulators, robotics, metrology
  • Packaging and system integration

Industrial vision systems

  • Image recognition systems, Special lighting and optics manufacturing
  • Preparing measurement software based on/fitting individual needs

PLC, OPC and HMI programming

  • Design and implementation of high-level structured programs
  • Custom developed or standard SCADA systems development
  • Measurement Data Collectors, Barcode printing systems, applications, and control design development,
  • NI Labview and Matlab applications development

Software development and system integration

  • Design and development of decision-supporting systems
  • Development of web-based interfaces for industrial data collectors and production data visualizations

Integrated Engineering Services

  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Problem analysis
  • Preparation System Plans
  • Project management

References of our Industrial Automation business unit

  • Three-axis neutron spectroscope control and mechanical renovation
  • Installation Sample handling equipment
  • PLC controlled purpose machines preparation
  • Ball sorting apparatus
  • Spacer installation station
  • Central data collection and display system design and implementation
  • Machining systems’ expansion
  • Automata Case Packer design
  • Palletizing robot design and presentation
  • “Supervisor” production data collector and visualizer system design and implementation
  • Pallet takeover (automatic pallet delivery) design
  • AGV project (Manual pallet handling and storage automation after automatic pallet-making)
  • LCOW Compak cell modification
  • Setup-caller and data collector system design
  • Vane unit assembly
  • Imaje printer connection to PLCs
  • Gate3 new reject set electrical installation
  • Sticker integration (with reject point)
  • Sticker integration (without reject pont)
  • Maintenance and storage software, Main Unit tracker
  • FGC2 ACP Infeed – PLC program modifying
  • Electrical connection establishment on Imaje S8 coding
  • FGC7 – Quality Check post confirmation
  • Supervisor main unit follow-up system
  • Packaging RCO development and installation
  • Engineering support of Packaging line installations
  • Pagomat Supervisor installation (Sticker)
  • Electrical documentation preparation and modification

Visualization of production data – software development (IF Visual software)

  • PLC program modification, calibration and repair on presses, assembly machines
  • HMI and PLC programming on machines
  • Bar Code monitoring and equipment
  • Modifying automatic painting cabins by PLC control

Automatic honey filling machine design